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Discover the wonderful feeling of not feeling nauseous, bloated, or moody all the time and still have control of your reproductive health. 

Our app is based on the fertility awareness method, a scientifically proven method of contraception with 99.6% effectivity when practiced correctly. This means that when you have a proper understanding of your cycle and the Fertility Awareness rules, then you can safely, effectively, and naturally avoid pregnancy.

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Follow a scientifically proven method to avoid pregnancy naturally.

During a normal cycle a women can only be around 6 days when you can conceive. By identifying and using protection (or abstaining) on these days, you can effectively avoid pregnancy and enjoy unprotected sex on days when it is impossible to get pregnant.  

By following these rules you can safely avoid pregnancy naturally.

1. First five days rule: You are safe the first five days of the menstrual cycle if you had an obvious temperature shift about 12 to 16 days before. 

2. Dry day rule: Before ovulation, you are safe the evening of a dry day (no cervical fluid). 

3. Temperature shift rule: You are safe the evening of the 3rd consecutive day your temperature is above the cover line. 

4. Peak day rule: Your are safe the evening of the 4th consecutive day after your Peak Day. 

NOTE: Every women is different. Make sure you talk to a Fertility Awareness expert and you have charted for 3 cycles before you rely on this method for contraception. When in doubt always assume you are fertile. 


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