How accurate is Ondo?

Very. In order to make ONDO as accurate as we could make it, we've worked with a rocket scientist, literally. You want specifics, you say. Well ONDO can measure temperature within 0.05ºF.

Will ONDO sync with HealthKit?

Yes! The Ovatemp app is fully integrated with HealthKit.

How fast can I measure my temperature with ONDO?

ONDO will take under 30 seconds to measure your temperature.

What devices are supported with ONDO?

ONDO can be used with iOS 7, 8 or 9 so you’ll need an iPhone 4s, 5, 5s, 6, 6+, 6s, or 6s+.

Can I pair it with more than one device?

Yes you can use ONDO with your iPhone one day and your iPad on the next, while using the same Ovatemp account. Aren't we awesome?

What about battery life?

ONDO will last approximately one month without having to recharge your battery.

How can I cook an awesome vegan mac & “cheese”?

Take a look at this awesome recipe from Vegan YumYum.

Will ONDO work with other Fertility Apps?

Yes. We’re currently working to integrate through HealthKit with Ovia Fertility. More to come soon.

Did you forget to include a display on ONDO?

Nope. This is something that we deeply thought about. Ultimately, we decided that we couldn’t beat the experience of beautifully displaying your basal body temperature on your iPhone’s kick ass screen.

How does ONDO pair with my phone?

We use Bluetooth Low Energy. Its super energy efficient with both ONDO and your phone.

Can ONDO help me get pregnant?

Why yes! That’s why we made it! Measuring your daily temperature can help us identify your fertile window so you can time intercourse appropriately around ovulation.

Will I stay this beautiful for ever and ever?

Hells yeah!

Can I measure my temperature vaginally?

Of coarse. You can also measure temperature vaginally.

How do I clean ONDO?

We recommend that you clean your thermometer with water and mild soap, or with rubbing alcohol.

I turn my phone off during the night. Can I still sync my temperature later?

Yes. You can turn your phone off during the night an then sync your ONDO with your phone.

Why is measuring temperature so important?

Because we use basal body temperature as a proxy for measuring the progesterone levels in your body in order to confirm ovulation and to measure a whole lot of other stuff about your fertile health.

Does Ovatemp follow the rhythm method?

Absolutely, most definitely not! The rhythm method wrongly assumes that every woman has a 28 day cycle. An assumption that has been the cause of many, many mistakes. Our app is based on the Fertility Awareness Method. A scientifically proven method with 98% effectivity when it comes to preventing pregnancy naturally.

How do I convince my partner to ask for directions when he's lost?

You make him believe he came up with the idea to look for the place in Google Maps.

Does ONDO come with a guarantee?

Yes. We offer a full refund up to 30 days after of your purchase and we can replace your thermometer for free up to a year after your purchase.