Feel the Music

There’s plenty of things women are willing to do to achieve pregnancy. Some are willing to drink exotic (not very nice tasting) herbs, hang up side down after intercourse, fill up their bodies with hormones, and even drink their own pee every morning. Yet sometimes we don’t realize that the simplest things are the ones that help the most. We tend to ignore our common sense and worst of all we completely disregard the signals our own bodies express.

The most overlooked signs and symptoms are those caused by stress. Stress takes a big toll on our fertility and our overall health. We don’t realize that in this modern era we are constantly stressed out. We learn to live in the fight or flight mode and feel inadequate when we are not worried, in a hurry, super busy, lacking hours of sleep, overworked, etc. We have come to believe this is our natural state, “the way it should be”, and therefore we are messing with our general well being.

The science behind it is simple. When we are stressed out our cortisol levels increase and a constant presence of this hormone can cause trouble regarding our health. Our bodies try to put up with the high cortisol demand due to stress and sacrifice other hormones like progesterone to convert it into cortisol. The result is a body deprived of progesterone and this leads to fertile health problems like decreasing libido, thyroid issues, a short luteal phase preventing implantation, ovarian cysts, among others. High levels of cortisol affect general health too like a drop in bone density and depression.

Making the resolution to de-stress is easy, achieving it, not so much. An easy fun way to get there at least for a few minutes everyday: Music. Studies have shown that music alters brainwaves particularly in the area where fertility signals originate. Add a little dancing and help reduce stress levels even more! Actually tango is recommended specifically for reducing cortisol levels since it requires presence and dedication, forcing you to put stressful thoughts aside and enjoy the moment. Besides, you would need your partner to practice it with you and that way you would both benefit. So give yourself a little break and listen to some music, enroll in some dancing lessons or just feel the music and dance it out.

Ana Mayer

Cofounder of Ovatemp.