Ignorant Bliss

I am not going to lie, some days I wish I still lived in the dark. I wish I was one of those girls who takes a birth control pill daily, after a while decides she wants kids, stops taking the pill, and two months later, bam! gets pregnant.

My curiosity didn’t let me stay in the dark. I read Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom by Christiane Northdrup long before I was even considering how I would choose to avoid pregnancy. I just wanted to understand my cycles. It opened my eyes.

We go through life thinking we can control every single aspect of it and just follow a certain modus operandi and things will eventually happen when we decide they should happen. Not in the fertility area, some things you just can’t plan.

If I had in fact chosen to go the “traditional” way and take hormonal contraceptives I would never have discovered something wasn’t quite right with my cycles. I would have spent two or three years feeling “in control” and by the time I would have been ready to get pregnant I would have realized, maybe a little too late, that my ovaries did not work the way they should. It would have been frustrating and all that control I felt in the past would end up vanishing or, even worse, turning into guilt or regret. What if I had known sooner? Maybe I should have just let it be and have kids whenever life intended me to have them; what if its my fault they aren’t working normally?, etc. etc.

So even if some days I wish for blissful ignorance, I am grateful I let my body speak to me. I would have encountered this little bumps either way but, being the control freak I am, I appreciate what I’ve learned and the things I have been able to do to get ovulation back on track. So even if things in the fertility area are ok for you, I highly recommend you take at least 6 months to listen to your body, the satisfaction of knowing everything is working the way nature intended is totally worth it.

Ana Mayer

Cofounder of Ovatemp.