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Monitor and improve your reproductive health.


Get advice that works for you, and you alone.


Ovatemp is so much more than just a fertility tracker. We guide you to pregnancy with exercises and tips and tricks proven to boost your fertility.  We focus on getting YOU into top reproductive health. 

Using Ovatemp has given me invaluable insight into how my body works. My doctor recommended to start a fertility treatment on day one of my cycle, but that day never came.. I was 9 weeks pregnant, thanks Ovatemp!
— Dana
Its amazing to know exactly when your ovulating and when you’re having your period. I love how this app helps me have a better conversation with my Dr.
— Denise
This is a must if you care about your reproductive system. Every woman should have this.
— Valerie
I love my Ondo thermometer. The app is quickly improving.
— Lizzie

It all starts with better Tracking.

Who knew something so simple could be so powerful. One simple App to improve your reproductive health.